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Mar 08, 1997 10:30 AM
by Tim Maroney

>CSICOP is somewhat tarnished by a religious mission; the major members
>are fundamentalist atheists (consider atheism to be a matter of fact
>rather than opinion, anybody who believes in any form of divinity should
>be committed to an insane asylum, etc.).


I have never seen any statement from any member of CSICOP to the effect
that believers should be committed to insane asylums. This seems like a
malicious and defamatory statement about the group. Please substantiate
it or withdraw it. Thank you.

>I have found that many common interpretations of the early
>Theosohpical writings are in direct conflict with scientific knowledge

You gave one good example. Another is an odd disdain for the law of
gravity, repeatedly insisting that the solar system was held in its
orbits by a magnetic motor effect. This appeared in both the Mahatma
letters and the Secret Doctrine. Another one of the Mahatma letters also
has a completely farcical "refutation" of the idea of potential energy. I
had wondered how modern Theosophists came to terms with these scientific
mistakes and I appreciate your comments on the area.

Tim Maroney

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