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Re: Skeptics

Mar 08, 1997 09:27 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
<> quotes and replies
>> Bart, I see a residue of true believerism in your attempt to
>> rescue SD anthropogenesis.
>> Intellectual honesty, IMO, requires
>> us to admit that it's just plain wrong from top to bottom.
>       Or allegorical.
>       Or (and my official position in Theosophical circles) that what she
>received was the truth, but she had her own mindset to deal with, and
>what we have received was the truth having passed through her own
>filtering mechanisms.

I agree very much with this view, which probably applies to all sincere
esotericists and occultists.  In retrospect, I have noticed on many an
occasion the influence of my own mindset in communications received,
resulting in an inevitable degree of distortion.  There always remains a
solid core of otherwise previously unknown or previously misunderstood

This is surely true of later theosophical lunimaries such as CWL and
Besant, and is perhaps more evident in their writings than it is in HPB,
especially with CWL - and yet there is no doubt, so far as anyone taking
a reasonably objective approach can tell (itself subject to the
'filtration' process!) that CWL and others were mostly 100% sincere in
their beliefs ands interpretations of them.

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