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Mar 09, 1997 01:46 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Tim Maroney wrote:
> >CSICOP is somewhat tarnished by a religious mission; the major members
> >are fundamentalist atheists (consider atheism to be a matter of fact
> >rather than opinion, anybody who believes in any form of divinity should
> >be committed to an insane asylum, etc.).

> I have never seen any statement from any member of CSICOP to the effect
> that believers should be committed to insane asylums. This seems like a
> malicious and defamatory statement about the group. Please substantiate
> it or withdraw it. Thank you.

	I overstated it. The statements merely point to the insanity of
believers, not what should be done with them. If you are unaware of
THOSE statements, then I will have to do a little research (probably the
easiest way is to email the members of the group still living, and ask
them for an appropriate quote).

	Bart Lidofsky

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