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Mar 09, 1997 12:24 PM
by Titus Roth

Bart Lidofsky <> wrote:

> Or (and my official position in Theosophical circles) that what she
> received was the truth, but she had her own mindset to deal with, and
> what we have received was the truth having passed through her own
> filtering mechanisms. For example, in the country of the blind, a person
> gains sight for one day. How does he describe color to his countrymen?

A nice analogy. HPB used scientific language to try to explain spiritual
phenomena. 19th century science, plus her own inadequate understanding of it,
contributed to some of the statements that look ridiculous by today's

Tim Maroney <> wrote:

> You gave one good example. Another is an odd disdain for the law of
> gravity, repeatedly insisting that the solar system was held in its
> orbits by a magnetic motor effect. This appeared in both the Mahatma
> letters and the Secret Doctrine. Another one of the Mahatma letters also
> has a completely farcical "refutation" of the idea of potential energy. I
> had wondered how modern Theosophists came to terms with these scientific
> mistakes and I appreciate your comments on the area.

Behind any physical mechanism of a physical phenomenon is a teleological idea
or force. There must be an intelligence behind the outward manifestation of
planets grouping together in a solar system. Astrology is one attempt to
describe this intelligence. HPB's pseudo-scientific language is another. If
HPB and the Mahatma's better acquainted themselves with science, they might
have given a more apt description of the spiritual laws at work.

But then again, spending one's time characterizing the outward behavior of
gross matter does mean less time for studying the spiritual ideas "pulling the
strings" of gross matter. Kind of like trying to deduce the character of an
architect from studying the hinges, beams and cabinetry of the building
constructed from his plans.

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