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Science and the MLs

Mar 09, 1997 12:23 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>You gave one good example. Another is an odd disdain for the law of
>gravity, repeatedly insisting that the solar system was held in its
>orbits by a magnetic motor effect. This appeared in both the Mahatma
>letters and the Secret Doctrine. Another one of the Mahatma letters also
>has a completely farcical "refutation" of the idea of potential energy. I
>had wondered how modern Theosophists came to terms with these scientific
>mistakes and I appreciate your comments on the area.

Actually, Einstein also had an odd disdain for the law of gravity as taught
by Newton.  Your thoughts here are interesting.  Could you possibly
find some quotes or references for me please.  I have been unable to
find any real errors in the MLs as to science, and they did make one
significant prediction--that some stars will be found by sound before
they are seen visually.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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