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CWL and K

Mar 09, 1997 02:53 PM
by Alan

The following quote is from Mary Lutyens' book,
~Krishnamurti, The Years of Awakening~, p.32.
[John Murray, London,  1975]

It is of especial interest, as Mary Lutyens knew Leadbeater
personally, and had been a pupil of his in Sydney, Australia.




"Leadbeater now prevailed on Narianiah to allow the boys to
eat at the 'Dharmashala', a new kitchen-dining-room built specially
for Mrs Besant and a few privileged friends, where the food,
cooked and served by Brahmins, was better and less highly spiced
than at home. Leadbeater was also preparing for the boys a room
in the Headquarters building for them to move into when Mrs
Besant returned to Adyar. He had no intention of allowing them
to go back to their father even when the new house was ready
for occupation. He might have allowed Nitya to go back but
Krishna refused to be parted from this little brother on whom he
depended so much.

"There was frequent friction between Narianiah and Leadbeater,
who had no patience with orthodox Hindu sentiments and put
down to selfishness the father's natural reluctance to allow his
sons to be removed altogether from his influence. Leadbeater
was quite ruthless; he was coarse in many ways, rude - especially
to women, though never to Mrs Besant - and had no hesitation
in swearing. He had doubtless learnt from Madame Blavatsky
that such behaviour was not inconsistent with holiness, she herself
being an extremely coarse woman much given to swearing. There
was never a natural affinity between Leadbeater and Krishna, who
was so gentle and whose Brahmin fastidiousness was often
shocked by this hearty Englishman, just as Leadbeater was
shocked by orthodox Hindu practices."

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