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Re: Comments on the SD

Mar 09, 1997 01:58 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Jerry Schueler wrote:
> I don't believe that monads evolve at all, but rather their expressions do.
> And, every single dust mote and grain of sand is the expression of
> a monad.  Elephants (and cats) are only "slightly less evolved" in the
> area of technical intelligence.  Man excells in technology, but has little
> else over the animals except perhaps self-awareness, which in some
> ways is more of a curse than a blessing.

	I think a definition of a monad is in order. I consider it to be a
measure of consciousness characterized by self-awareness.

	Interesting that you point out the curse/blessing aspects of
self-awareness; think of the curse/blessing aspects of God's message to
Adam and Eve when they left the Garden of Eden, and consider the eating
of the Tree of Knowledge the acceptance of self-awareness.

> The primary literature (SD) says that monads expressing themselves
> as animals could move up to mankind only until the midpoint of the
> 4th Round, our current Round and some millions of years ago, at
> which time the door shut for them for the rest of this manvantara.
> Now, I am not so sure that I can accept this per se, but perhaps it
> is only true for averages?

	I recall that when I read that, I saw an alternate interpretation of
that section. I will have to re-read it to find out why.

	Bart Lidofsky

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