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Re: Meat Industry Investment

Feb 27, 1997 10:11 PM
by ramadoss

At 11:57 PM 2/27/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Doss wrote:
>>>BTW, as a rule in my consulting and tax practice I do not take on clients in
>>>businesses dealing with liquor, meat industry, poulty & seafood industry,
>>>prostitution, military and law enforcement. This policy has not hurt my
>I, like Ann and Thoa, find myself disturbed by your decision to deny
>business services to particular people.  I do not see these as business
>decisions on your part, but as moral ones - since your business may actually
>be more profitable if you did take on such clients.  I personally feel that
>businesses should not discriminate - we are already privy of how damaging
>that can be.  As T/theosophists, we should know, perhaps better than others,
>how we must avoid falling into the public practice of sifting out those
>people we feel are worthy of our help/service - we have enough trouble
>dealing with it in our private lives.
>Specifically, I am curious, Doss, on why you don't offer your services to
>law enforcement.  I wonder what moral objections one could have there.
>Would you not call the police if you found yourself a victim of a crime?
>Also, members of the military seem deserving of tax service - why do you
>choose not to offer services to them?
>As far as I'm concerned, prostitutes need all the help they can get.
>Prostitution should be legalized - BUT, pardon me, that's another argument
May be a very simple answer is that I specialize in areas other than -- the
ones listed. My clients are a small group of individuals who need year round
business and tax consulting service.


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