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Re: THEOS-L digest 934

Feb 28, 1997 00:20 AM
by C Kent

>> as there will be no veggieburgers or
>>smokes in the next world, IMO,

>I don't know about that.  Father's ghost never appears without a cigar.  In
>fact, one time when one of my granparents had a bad car accident and was in
>the hospital I came home to find the back room of the house filled with cigar
>smoke and no one in the house was smoking.

The house I was brought up in was "haunted" by a pipe smoker.  We could
always tell when he was around by the smell (but not appearance) of fresh
pipe smoke.  My rational father even explored every possibility for tobacco
hidden somewhere but to no avail.  I wonder why so many ghosts smoke?  ;-)

Oh dear, I forgot that good theosophists aren't supposed to be psychic as
well.  Someone forgot to tell the ghosts (which we all know don't exist cos
the (theosophical) masters said so).


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