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Re: Meat Industry Investment

Mar 01, 1997 04:28 AM
by Tom Robertson

Ann E. Bermingham wrote:

>> From: M K Ramadoss <>

>> BTW, as a rule in my consulting and tax practice I do not take on clients >>in
>> businesses dealing with liquor, meat industry, poulty & seafood industry,
>> prostitution, military and law enforcement. This policy has not hurt my
>> business.

>Evidently you don't feel these people are worthy enough to receive your
>consultation and advice.  I consider this to be a form of discrimination
>based on your own and only your own moral code.

Anyone should be free to do business with whomever they wish.  As
happened in professional baseball, the market will naturally punish
those who make bad business decisions because of discrimination.  If I
have a restaurant and if I don't serve black people, I will only be
costing myself business.  No other motivation is necessary.  Private
businesses should be legally free to discriminate in any way they
want.  I was neither racist nor sexist in hiring in my business, but I
swore that the day the government came and told me I didn't have
enough blacks, or women, or gays, or etc., working for me, I would
immediately go out of business.  No one has the right to tell others
with whom they must do business.

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