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Re: Better than expected

Feb 09, 1997 08:54 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:03 AM 2/9/97 -0500, Paul wrote:
>The only emotional reaction I have is to the sight of the new
>Quest, and how symbolic it is that the former Quest was big and
>eclectic and shiny, while the new Quest is small and narrow and

We have had discussions about the high fog index of former Quest which was
big and eclectic and shiny. For most of the un-scholarly ordinary readers
like me, most of its contents were un-understandable and my copies ended up
routinely in the waste paper basket as soon as it arrived. One time I even
asked Wheaton not to mail me a copy so that some trees and money could be saved.

In addition a huge fortune of money was spent on former Quest as there was
not enough subscribers to make it self sustaining. In the light of the
above, I am one those who are very glad to see the disappearance of the
former Quest.

Whether the new one is small and narrow and drab, I will let the readers
make up their own mind.


So I am


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