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Re: Saving Theosophy from the TS

Feb 09, 1997 09:09 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:17 AM 2/9/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Christine Kent's was one of the most affecting posts I have
>ever read on this list.  It echoes the same sentiments about
>the TS/Wheaton/Adyar that have been heard from such different
>places and over such a long time.  But the conversations never
>seem to go beyond a certain point.  We lament the situation,
>and have TI as a 60-member Internet group, but an alternative
>to the existing power arrangement is rarely proposed.
>If 1000 new people have joined the TSA every year for the last
>twenty, but only 100 stayed on as longterm members, there are
>200,000 ex-Theosophists out there in the US alone.  Even if we
>assume 50,000 are dead, that still leaves five times the
>current *international* membership as *ex-members* in just this
>country!  (Somebody check my math, though.)  How many just
>lost interest in the material, and how many were turned off by the
>organization?  I'm certainly in the latter group.  How many
>would return to some kind of Theosophical affiliation that
>imposed none of the hassles imposed by Wheaton/Adyar?  Yet
>provided some real international concord and networking,
>cooperation in publishing, etc.?
>If one of the European independent Theosophical groups (and I
>don't know their approaches very well) decided to look for
>disaffected current and ex-Adyar members to form a North
>American section, there are probably hundreds who would be
>immediately interested in such a proposal.  The situation looks
>ripe for some sort of competitor to Adyar to reach out to the
>many many people who have been alienated.

I do not know if a competing T group is the answer to the underlying
problems with TS.

There were/are many other Theosophical organizations which are working with
the same objects as TS, Adyar. But in most cases, when there is an
organization combined with property and money and spirituality, it makes an
unusual combination which affects the leadership and their action.

If we look at most success stories in any kind of activity, it is solely due
to the dedication and commitment of a few individuals -- not masses -- that
is the essential ingredient.

At the local level, for any T/theosophical activity -- all that is needed is
a core collection of a few individuals that can get a lot going. I have seen
this happen in other organizations. So it looks to me that we should forge
ahead with any activity that each one of us think is the right one for us
and if many of us here try this approach we will see results.

As for networking, that is easy. With e-mail and theos-xxxx we can all be in
touch for any cooperation or help and broadcast our activities outside our
local area. There is an enormous amount of talent out on theos-xxxx
subscribers and if there is a need we can tap it with ease and at no cost to
anyone. Before theos-xxxx we did not have such a tool of getting in touch
with others interested.

So let us forge ahead. This does not mean that we should not let others know
of any problems we see with TS/TSA. Keep posting anything of interest
regarding Theosophical Movement and TS/TSA.

One of these days they have to come to grips with real deep seated
organizational issues.

My 2 cents worth. Your mileage and direction may vary.



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