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Guardian Angels

Feb 09, 1997 09:19 AM
by DSArthur

   For several decades I have considered the matter of whether or not we have
"guardian angels."  My conclusion (and I do not know whether there is
"documentation" to support it or not) is that, indeed, we do ... and THEY ARE
US.  That is, a guardian angel is simply the higher self striving to guide
and protect (to the extent that it can) the lower self.  In this regard the
guardian angel is quite motivated (for obvious reasons) but also quite
limited.  The situation is somewhat analogous to the relationship between a
computer and its operator. The computer "knows" many things and has multiple
capabilities.  However, it also has definite limitations ... and even within
the limitations it does not always perform in the manner intended. Not
infrequently, we find ourselves saying to our computers (at least mentally):
"STOP doing what I tell you and START doing what I want!"
    It may be that the guardian angel encounters this same problem.  The
physical instru-
ment that it must work through on this plane of existence has significant
limitations (some genetic and others induced by subsequent circumstances).
 Yes, it strives always to guide and protect the chosen physical instrument
but, surely, there must be times when, figura- tively, it finds itself crying
out: "Stop doing what you think I'm telling you ... and start doing what I
know I want."  To truly love and cooperate with our guardian angels, then, we
to look within and look with care.

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