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Re: Better than expected

Feb 09, 1997 05:55 PM
by RIhle

K. Paul Johnson writes-->
I don't begrudge Daniel this recognition for his many years of work, and hope
his booklet proves enlightening to many.  Especially when read in conjunction
with my rebuttal.

Richard Ihle writes-->
Ya?  Well, I am starting to begrudge this and a whole lot more.

I begrudge the "HOUSE OF CARDS" because I cannot think of anyone who wrote a
fast 43 pages of support for TMR getting the same treatment from QUEST.

I begrudge the fact that your proposed "rebuttal" in QUEST is not a certainty
by any means; you will have to, as always, cultivate any remaining sense of
fair play that a certain individual has left.

I begrudge the whole "capital T" agenda for the TS which made them reject TMR
for publication to begin with.  The bottom line for TMR is that since there
is a reasonable possibility that the "Masters" were at least
semi-fictionalized creations based upon real individuals, we must judge all
teachings on their own merit.  The bottom line for Daniel's booklet is that
K. Paul Johnson has not succeeded in raising even a single reasonable
possibility that the Masters were anything other than the Theo-clergy says
they are.  Thus, we still have only Master-inspired HPB doctrine equaling
"Theosophy."  Thus we still have the T-Popes, T-Cardinals, and T-Bishops in
their proprietary places, "shaping," "filtering," and "manipulating" in their
pathetic little pious ways while the TS goes down the drain.

I begrudge the fact that certain people do not have the good grace to be
ashamed of themselves.

I begrudge "The Theosophical World View" (even though I do not disagree with
its content) which Emily Sellon and her committee suddenly produced for the
rest of us.

I begrudge the "deaf-ear" routine the Board uses for things like the "Bill of
Rights" you sent in a long time ago.

I begrudge all of the withholding of information about the lodge problems and
other things which concern the general membership.

I begrudge all the trips Theosophical officials seem to take without signing
up anybody new.

I begrudge all the money spent on video and other things which seem to have
little or no result in signing up anybody new.

I begrudge "The Three Aims" which were semi-officially presented as the
"inner side of The Three Objects."

I begrudge the anal attitude regarding the membership lists (sticky and

I begrudge that the TS has seemed to have forgotten all about its Original
Program and is using a dictionary entry ("the beliefs [HPB's doctrines] of a
modern movement. . . .") to define Alice Bailey and others out of the tent.

I begrudge the circumstance that you, Jerry H-E, and seemingly about half the
people on the list have been "marginalized" away from ever being substantial
voices in official Theosophy.

I begrudge that Theos-l was not recognized right away as the prototype for
Theosophy's future--no priviledged points of view, just people who are are
willing, under the wide umbrella of THE THREE OBJECTS, to consider and
discuss the epistemological category of knowledge which is not necessarily
based on empirical data or science (~theosophy~:  "knowledge which has its
base in, or at least originally derives from, transcendental, mystical, or
intuitive insight or higher perception."

I begrudge the TS's stupidity in not recognizing the genius of the Founders
in baiting the hook with the minnow of the Personal Quest rather than the

I begrudge who the TPH chooses to publish and who not to publish.

I begrudge the last election and the one before that.

I begrudge the fact that the TS probably has more assets per member than most
other such organizations and cannot generate the slightest scintilla of
exitement or revival by means of them.

I begrudge the little "Board-first" scheme which is moving maybe-Tim-Boyd
along toward the presidency of the American Section.

I begrudge the fact that all the business of the Society is not entirely out
in the OPEN, OPEN, OPEN (or have I mentioned that before?).

But no, by comparison, I guess I don't really begrudge Daniel his recognition
and $.15 per page, either. . . .


Richard Ihle


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