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Re: The future of the TS

Feb 09, 1997 05:30 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Jerry Hejka-Ekins <>
> If there is, I would ask: can a member of the "hierarchy" affect
> systemic change without being thrown out?  This reminds me of
> Henry Smith, who was the National President of TSA until he tried
> to make a series of systemic changes in the organization.  His
> efforts were answered in 1965 he was pushed out of office amidst
> scandal and gossip.
> CK
> >Are they willing to work with local individuals and groups to
> >help achieve it?
> Smith tried to work with individuals and groups both inside and
> outside the TS.  He had initial success, and TSA actually began
> to briefly move in a positive direction, until the hierarchy
> became threatened and threw him out.
What exactly made them feel threatened?  Working with
outside groups?  Did they basically want to stay an
elite group?



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