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The future of the TS

Feb 12, 1997 06:19 PM
by Einar Adalsteinsson & ASB

MKR wrote:

>5. The National Board and or Adyar can shut down the Section. Once this is
>done, all charters of lodges and study centers are automatically cancelled,
>which immediately triggers seizure of assets.

Einar Here.

In all this debate on the TS and TSA, I think we have to recognize the fact
that "The Theosophical Society, Adyar" is an international body, having its sections
and branches throughout the world. When you join the TS, you really join TS Adyar,
an international society. You can then choose to be a member of a certain Branch,
within a section (the "default" choice), or you can be a member at large, of a Section,
or you can be (under certain conditions, I believe) attached directlyto the headquarters
in Adyar without belonging to any section or branch at all.

Because its an international society, the powers to rule are naturally ultimately vested
in the International Government of the Society, the General Council and the International
Sections and branches are then naturally only practical subdivisions of the one Society,
with their "limited" freedom of government, as long as the "general guidelines" set by the
General Council and the Bylaws of the International Society or National Sections are not
grossly violated.

We can of course criticizes the handling of the powers vested in the various elected
governments within this structure, which has after all handed the TS to us through
the 120 odd years of sailing through rough sea, but we have to recognize that they are
elected to take hand of these powers, it's their "Duty" to rule and keep the Society
running properly.

There has been some discussion among members in some sections, whether there
should be some other, more modern, or more up to date structure of government within
the Society. The former GS of the English Section wrote an interesting article of a
"network structure" that would have no hierarchy of power, but to be built up as groups
of services interacting and cooperating freely out of some necessity, without any
authority. He used the Internet as a model.
Its an interesting Idea, but I'm afraid that it's still an Utopia, and will be for some
time to come.

Regarding the Denmark incident, I really don't know the lot, but to my understanding
the group began revolving solely around one person, the GS in office, and did do
very little "theosophy" in the usual term of the word. In another words, it had become
a "CULT" around a single person's ideas and believes (mostly around his alleged
spiritual powers and prophetic visions I believe). When the "old" members turned
to the headquarters to see if something could be done, the Section was simply
changed into an independent association by "lawful" voting, and all the assets from a
century of theosophical activities were "confiscated" by the new "Theosophy Association".

The few old members had simply nothing to say in this matter and stood empty handed
on the street, so to speak.

Anyone can have their own idea on who's rights was maintained or not in this case,
but from the standpoint of the International Society this was a clear "theft", lawfully or not.

I also know that a similar incident was just avoided in Ireland few years ago, involving
a considerable amount of assets, nearly lost to a handful of "enthusiastic" newcomers.

I hope this will cast some light on matters

Love and light,

Einar from Iceland.

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