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Better than expected

Feb 09, 1997 07:01 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Richard,

I kept thinking "The Quest to find the damn magazine is the
thing that's gonna drive me crazy," as I searched the bedroom,
den, living room, kitchen and car-- only to find it under
something within reach of where I was sitting.

So-- it's shorter, further back, and less emphatic than your
fears for my sanity led me to expect.  I don't begrudge Daniel
this recognition for his many years of work, and hope his
booklet proves enlightening to many.  Especially when read in conjunction with
my rebuttal.

The only emotional reaction I have is to the sight of the new
Quest, and how symbolic it is that the former Quest was big and
eclectic and shiny, while the new Quest is small and narrow and
drab.  That's how I feel about TSA nowadays.  If anyone wants a
referral to a big and eclectic and shiny New Age group, let me



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