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Re: THEOS-L digest 893

Feb 08, 1997 10:54 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 01:06 AM 2/9/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Christine wrote
>>>For my efforts I have been slandered, vilified, and ridiculed by the office
>>>bearers and others, with all manner of gossip now flying around to try to
>>>destroy my credibility.
>Alan wrote
>>Welcome to the club ...
>Me again
>Yes, when the fearful started to say, aren't you afraid of what they will do
>to you, I asked them just what they thought the TS could do to me for
>exercising my democratic right as a member.  The answers included, psychic
>or mental attack, legal action, character assassination, and horror of
>horrors, throw me out of the society!

What a nonsense coming from ignorant people in this day and age.

Psychic or mental attacks -- Just scare tactics. They will get reflected
back from you and return to the sender. It will be fun to watch the effects.

Legal action -- is there any money involved? Who wants to waste money? It
will become a circus. Again scare tactics.

Character assassination -- you stand up for what you believe and what you
think is right. Your character will get enhanced. The perpetrators will get

Throwing you out of the Society. Who wants to make you a martyr? With
Internet, it will be the latest news around the world and no one can stop it
from being broadcast immediately.

You have nothing to lose -- may be you will save your annual dues money.

You will see those who have made those threats may be gone soon.

I believe that Unseen powers always protect those who are working for the
good of humanity and who knows you are being used by Them.

Be brave and go ahead do what you think is right. Lot of our problems are
due to people not acting on what they think is right and be passive.

All the good wishes and support from myself and everyone here.


>The first - well best left alone.  The second - I don't think the TS wants
>to go to court, it could turn into quite a circus if it did!   As far as
>character assassination is concerned I gave up worrying about that when I
>read somewhere in a Castaneda book "don't do anything you can't think of a
>good story for afterwards" - well, I'm becoming a good story teller.   To
>the last one my answer was "well I will be in good company then, won't I!".
>And thanks for the referral to Theosophy International.  I'll see if I am
>amongst friends there.


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