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Re: THEOS-L digest 893

Feb 09, 1997 04:36 PM
by Drpsionic


In a message dated 97-02-09 01:06:20 EST, you write:

>Me again
>Yes, when the fearful started to say, aren't you afraid of what they will do
>to you, I asked them just what they thought the TS could do to me for
>exercising my democratic right as a member.  The answers included, psychic
>or mental attack, legal action, character assassination, and horror of
>horrors, throw me out of the society!

Being kicked out of such a bunch might be considered an honor.  As far as
psychic an mental attack is concerned, for some inexplicable reason no one
has ever threatened me with that except for a seriously deranged
ex-girlfriend when she slipped on her medication.

But speaking from some experience, I highly recommend having a reputation for
bad character.  Then no one can attack it and it really keeps people out of
your hair.

Chuck the Heretic


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