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Re: THEOS-L digest 893

Feb 08, 1997 10:00 PM
by C Kent

Christine wrote
>>For my efforts I have been slandered, vilified, and ridiculed by the office
>>bearers and others, with all manner of gossip now flying around to try to
>>destroy my credibility.

Alan wrote
>Welcome to the club ...

Me again
Yes, when the fearful started to say, aren't you afraid of what they will do
to you, I asked them just what they thought the TS could do to me for
exercising my democratic right as a member.  The answers included, psychic
or mental attack, legal action, character assassination, and horror of
horrors, throw me out of the society!

The first - well best left alone.  The second - I don't think the TS wants
to go to court, it could turn into quite a circus if it did!   As far as
character assassination is concerned I gave up worrying about that when I
read somewhere in a Castaneda book "don't do anything you can't think of a
good story for afterwards" - well, I'm becoming a good story teller.   To
the last one my answer was "well I will be in good company then, won't I!".

And thanks for the referral to Theosophy International.  I'll see if I am
amongst friends there.



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