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Re: [desires]

Feb 05, 1997 08:40 PM
by Benjamin Mark Pybus

>I believe sexual desire is too inherent to be able to be trained out of

I have to disagree. Once the laws governing the desire body are understood
(which may only be learnt through the experience of the feminine
nature) sexual desire can be transmuted into a higher expression of the love
principle. If one does this for long enough I am certain that sexual (or
other) desire will no longer enter the mind of the individual. Also, I cannot
believe that the Masters would have any "desire" for their female disciples
but almost certainly they would "love" them.

>I don't see how it would do this. Liberation means being able to control
how one responds to one's desires, so that abstinence from their fulfilment
is a capability, not necessarily an actuality.

I have always agreed with this logical reasoning, but HPB made me unsure of
this rational analysis, that's all.

>I believe people are responsible for neither their desires nor their
motives, but only for which choices they make regarding them.

Responsible to whom? Does this responsibility extend to children?
If so...if as a child your parents had physically abused you and you then
decided to run away from home are you responsible for choosing the route you

>Spirit and matter relate to each other as men and women do.

I would say Spirit and Matter are synonymous terms,are the terms men and
women the same?I would say not. Whilst the soul may be either depending on
the incarnation the expression on the physical plane appears to be
different.One is only human [man or woman] on the physical plane as far as I
am aware.

>You seem to be implying an extremely ant-materialist approach.

Perhaps that is because I am studying engineering and feel spiritually
alienated. The academics here are materialists pure and simple! However, I am
not anti-materialist,nor am I anti the physical/desire bodies, but the
mental faculties must control them. I suppose I am just reflecting my own
inner conflicts. I've always been very dual in nature.Sorry if I gave you
the wrong impression.

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