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Feb 05, 1997 06:02 PM
by Benjamin Mark Pybus


Your theory that men men will develop ovaries is probably true since then
we'll all become true homo sexuals (in the true sense of the word, as opposed
to todays's use of the word). Secondly,I don't wish to be perceived as
someone who has the same ideas as Tom - (I can see that it might go that way)
I don't share his views!

>Sigh, us poor women are always blamed for the feebleness of men.

Men are not feeble. That's just the perception of some women, who have the
characteristics of a relatively strong man. A true man is one who is neither
feeble, nor without compassion, and vice versa. To give two examples of
women who IMO were very "male" in their natures, and to whom I have the
greatest of respect - Dion Fortune and Alice Bailey.

>...Hey, don't blame Eve and don't blame that Serpent.

I don't.

>According to HPB...

Thank you for that.

>Negative? Moi?

It appeared from earlier posts that you wanted to destroy the whole of the
male aspect of humanity, I call that negative. Perhaps I should look at the
quality rather than the appearance.

>You give us too much power. The power is yourself.

I don't understand. Does a cathode have too many electrons flowing towards it
in an electric circuit from the anode? The number of electrons remains the
same at all times in the circuit as a whole, it's just the voltage supply and
the impedances that determine the current flow. When the battery has been
used up you simply replace the battery as the work has been done. Are you
saying we should increase the resistance in the circuit - perhaps to

>So...if a woman is being raped, she should say, "Bad man, bad man. Take
time out. I am not trying to stop this rape. I am freeing you for the golden

Rape is an extreme case, but you make an extremely valid point.

>We're opening a resort on Venus.

Is that in Taurus? Now I know you've a fixed attitude! Or perhaps Libra? No,
you'd refer to rape again, assuredly. Or, if it's in Pisces? We're supposed
to be going into the Age of Aquarius soon, so you'd be a little behind. Mars
sounds good!!!


By vain, I mean thinking purely in terms of their personality rather than
their Soul nature.

When I said "used as vehicles" I was simply asking whether the vehicles that
women are presently residing in today will be the mediums through which the
impulses for the next race will act. Women may not be the next "child
bearers" it is only likely that they will be from a historical perspective.

The "path of least resistance" to me is the point within the circle.


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