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Q's and Ponderences

Feb 05, 1997 07:12 PM
by Thoa Tran

>Your theory that men men will develop ovaries is probably true since then
>we'll all become true homo sexuals (in the true sense of the word, as opposed
>to todays's use of the word).

Have you ever seen a picture of a developing fetus?  In the beginning, the
fetus' sex organ looks like a penis with a vaginal opening on its underside,
and an early scrotum shape - basically a hermaphrodite.  As it develops, a
female will have her penis-shape organ diminish into a clitoris, and the
scrotum diminish into a labia.  In the male, the opening closes on the
penis, and the early scrotum becomes more developed.  You males are not that
far away from us as you thought, so be nice.

>Secondly,I don't wish to be perceived as
>someone who has the same ideas as Tom - (I can see that it might go that way)
>I don't share his views!

It's good for your luck with women if you stay far, far away from Tom.  He
has done you men a great disservice.  Now it will be harder for men to find

>That's just the perception of some women, who have the
>characteristics of a relatively strong man.

What about those women just having the characteristics of strong women?

>A true man is one who is neither
>feeble, nor without compassion, and vice versa.

A true man will owe up to his mistakes and try to correct it.

>It appeared from earlier posts that you wanted to destroy the whole of the
>male aspect of humanity, I call that negative. Perhaps I should look at the
>quality rather than the appearance.

No, I actually want a balance.  We need both logic and emotion, creativity
and structure, and leadership and community.  I feel that there has been too
much of an emphasis on logic, structure and leadership in the world to the
detriment of the society and the earth, and that we need to bring back the
balance.  Look closely at what I was responding to, how the statements were
said.  Perhaps you feel threatened because you are comfortable with society
as it is and have never felt any difficulty from it.  I am looking from the
point of view of people who have felt numerous injustices because of it.

>Does a cathode have too many electrons flowing towards it
>in an electric circuit from the anode?

(crossing eyes and pushing up tip of nose)  Ooh, actually, the current flows
from the cathode to the anode.

>The number of electrons remains the
>same at all times in the circuit as a whole, it's just the voltage supply and
>the impedances that determine the current flow. When the battery has been
>used up you simply replace the battery as the work has been done. Are you
>saying we should increase the resistance in the circuit - perhaps to

(pushing tip of nose up even higher)  I'm not recommending an increase in
resistance.  The resistance was naturally causing in this capacitor world,
when the current of respect towards women keeps alternating back and forth
depending on whether men loves women or is threatened by them.  This female
capacitive reactance produced causes us to resist.  This combined with the
ole normal effective resistance of life makes everything so much more

>>We're opening a resort on Venus.

>Is that in Taurus? Now I know you've a fixed attitude! Or perhaps Libra? No,
>you'd refer to rape again, assuredly. Or, if it's in Pisces? We're supposed
>to be going into the Age of Aquarius soon, so you'd be a little behind. Mars
>sounds good!!!

I don't care when it is as long as we're having our massages on a resort!



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