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Re: [desires]

Feb 06, 1997 08:53 AM
by Tom Robertson

Benjamin wrote:

>I cannot believe that the Masters would have any "desire" for their female >disciples but almost certainly they would "love" them.

That reminds me of a scene in the movie "Gandhi," in which he tells
either one of his female disciples or a female journalist what a
temptress she is.

>>I believe people are responsible for neither their desires nor their
>>motives, but only for which choices they make regarding them.

>Responsible to whom? Does this responsibility extend to children?

In varying degrees.  An infant does not know enough to be responsible.
Adults, to unique degrees, do.  It gradually develops.  I consider the
development of free will to be one of the primary tasks of humanity.

>>Spirit and matter relate to each other as men and women do.

>I would say Spirit and Matter are synonymous terms,

I see spirit and matter as inseparable, but distinguishable, from each

>are the terms men and women the same?

In exactly the same way, masculine and feminine are distinguishable,
but inseparable.  Pure femininity and pure masculinity exist only in
the abstract.

>One is only human [man or woman] on the physical plane as far as I am >aware.

I would include emotional and mental, at least, in what I would call


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