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Feb 06, 1997 10:46 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:53 AM 2/6/97 -0500, Ben wrote:

>will lead to the destruction of the structures put forward. When you
>question leadership, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, you are
>questioning the whole of the hierarical struture of the TS!

      Let me add my 2 cents worth.

      We may have to look at it from two aspects. One has to do with the
property, money, publication, PR etc -- primarily dealing with the "routine"
type or organizational matter.

      The second has to do with "search for Truth", salvation, etc which has
to do with the internals -- intangibles of human beings what ever we may
want to call - spritual etc.

      For the former to run efficiently and effectively and somebody being
accountable for the things of the physical world, a structure is needed. How
tight is the hierarchical structure is a question that need to be addressed.

      As for the latter, I do not think that the idea of a spiritual guru on
the physical world at the top of the hierarchical structure is going to
work. It may make the life of many easy. It is easy to carry out orders.
They donot have to think. They have to just wait for orders from the top and
blindly and obediently execute these orders.  Once this is done you have the
satisfaction of having made some spiritual progress.

    If something does not work or goes wrong you can always blame the
spiritual guru. If someone is comfortable with this setup, who can argue. On
the other hand, if the administrative gurus want to get involved with what
we study or practice, then we have a problem because this is not going to
work for reaching the first object as Master KH stated "philanthropy". This
is something that each one of us has to decide and study or practice what we

     There is yet another problem that comes up. When you mix the above two,
you have the deadly brew of politics which ultimately wastes everyones time
and energy and sometimes even substantial money that should go to
philanthropical work.



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