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Re: Thesis vs. Hypotheses by K. Paul Johnson

Dec 23, 1996 10:21 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 03:52 AM 12/24/96 +0000, JRC <> wrote:

>	"The Masters Revealed" is a very interesting title. KPJ may not
>have revealed the Masters themselves ... but he certainly caused the
>motives of those who currently control the organization they started to be

What if someone had written a book saying that K. H. and M. were alcoholics
and wife-beaters, and the New York Times favorably reviewed it?  Would you
consider it evidence of evil, power-hungry motives if the TPH had not
published it?  If you are saying that you disagree with where the TS draws
the line, why not say where you would draw the line?  If you are saying
there should be no line, what would you mean by the word "Theosophy," if it
neither stands for nor against anything?

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