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Re: Theosophical Friends

Dec 23, 1996 10:21 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 03:13 AM 12/24/96 +0000, JRC <> wrote:

>On Mon, 23 Dec 1996, Tom Robertson wrote:

>> >From my experience with moderated newsgroups and from my experience with the
>> TS, 10 will get you 100 that if you try to post something negative about the
>> TS in their moderated newsgroup, they would post it.

>	Well, that certainly would be welcome - but I doubt it. From my
>experience with the AT, Quest, and the TPH, exerting control over the
>parameters and content of discussion is close to an obsession.

I find it significant that I have heard all these accusations of "obsessive
control" on the part of the "Wheaton oligarchy," and yet I have neither seen
mention of any details or substance of which ideas they suppress, nor of
what might motivate them to be so oppressive.  I suggested that they
probably would not publish "Mein Kampf," which was agreed with, but, so far,
where, short of publishing everything that everyone else wants them to
publish, they should be, has not been voiced.

>Of course,
>to those who wish of their own accord to remain within the approved
>boundaries, no limitation appears to exist - but those who have tried to
>genuinely stretch the boundaries have almost to the person come to
>understand how well defined and *enforced* they are.

On what do you base your implication that what boundaries that exist should
be stretched and not further restricted?

>	Point is, the people who designed and wanted the changes - and who
>*benefitted* from them, are the same people that controlled what did and
>did not go into the AT

What do you mean by "benefit?"  Did they steal a lot of money?  Did they
gain political power?  Will the Masters grant them special spiritual favors?

The idea that the only legitimate claim these accusers have is that they
disagree with the TS, while never showing anything wrong with the idea that
someone has to decide what the Theosophical Society stands for and what it
stands against, especially in addition to the closed-mindedness that I have
seen on this list from those who believe the TS should be more open-minded,
leads me to give much more credence to the idea that it is personal sour
grapes that motivates these accusers.  They should either put up or shut up,
at least until they say what they think are the evil motives of the
"corrupt" powers.

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