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Re: Thesis vs. Hypotheses by K. Paul Johnson

Dec 23, 1996 08:30 PM
by M K Ramadoss

JRC wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Dec 1996 wrote:
        Richard - yes, I think so ... in fact wrote the same thing to
> the other day. There is a lot at stake here psychologically - but in terms
> of the organization as well. The current leadership - "Ph.D's"
> notwithstanding - have actually (IMO) made the TS into little other than a
> philosophy club ... and not even a very interesting one at that. And
> philosophy clubs are scattered all over the world - but generally don't
> have a large organization, and generally their presidents aren't paid
> salaries. The *foundation* for whatever power the institutional leaders
> have lies not in the fact that the TS is in any way actually serving the
> current world - but in the implied connection to "the Masters" that
> membership in the TS is believed to give. There is a huge vested interest
> in *keeping* the Masters mysterious ... because the leadership has *not*
> made the TS into something that is in active service to today's world.

   I am glad that you brought this up. A few days ago, I was reading the
letter, which every TS President has stated as the charter of the
Society. This was a summary of a conversation that KH had with Maha
Chohan. I quote a section of it:

    "And it is we, the humble disciples of these perfect Lamas, who are
expected to allow the TS to drop its noble title, that of Brotherhood of
Humanity, to become a simple school of psychology. No, no, good
brothers, you have been laboring under the mistake too long already."

    Is it possible that slowly and surely the whole focus may have
gravitated to "become a simple school of psychology"?

    In my many years of membership in TS both in India and the USA, I
have attended numerous meetings that dealt with all the mental
gymnastics needed to understand Anthropogenesis and Cosmogenesis and all
the descriptions of planes of nature, life after death and all the
things repeated like a parrot. I have rarely seen discussions dealing
with doing something that is in active service to the world. I would
still be happily trudging along with this path, but for the wake up call
from reading and listening to Krishnamurti, who made me think for myself
and reassess myself and my relationship with the world at large and ask
some fundamental questions about how I can help everyone I come into
contact. My hope is that one of these days, in the current manvantara, I
may have the opportunity to meet with Solar Logos and understand
everything about Anthropogenesis and Cosmogenesis first hand!!!

   This is my 2 cents worth. Your mileage and direction may vary. I am
going to stay on the course!!!


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