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Re: Paul's House of Cards

Dec 23, 1996 08:44 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Mon, 23 Dec 1996 wrote:

> Jerry wrote:
> know.  Unsettling as it is, HPB's perpetuation of the myth of the 'Masters'
> tends to reinforce the idea that what we need to know will come, not from
> the inside, but from the outside.

   I do recall that HPB has clearly mentioned somewhere that we have to
work and whatever Truth there is, is something we have to discover
ourselves. I wonder if any one is gullible enought to expect we would be
spoonfed with Truth. Until and unless we growup, I don't think we can
expect to know or understand Real Truth.

  HPB was a remarkable and very practical person. She is the last person
to have expected anything that easy - given from outside. As for her
practicality, there was this incident. Once AB asked HPB how to
concentrate. AB's expectation was that she will be told to concentrate on
the picture of one of the Adepts. Guess what was HPB's answer. She threw
a matchbox onthe table and asked AB to concentrate on it.


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