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Re: Paul's House of Cards

Dec 23, 1996 10:21 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 04:03 AM 12/24/96 +0000, M K Ramadoss <> wrote:

>   The study centers and lodges are put on *probation* and are watched
>to see if their activities conform to *Theosophy* as interpreted by
>whoever sits in judgment over what Theosophy is or is not. Once the
>probationary period is over, only then the lodges/study centers are
>given a permanent status.

Someone, or some group of people, has to define "Theosophy."

>   What a change over a period of a century. When Olcott visited a city
>in India where I used to live, during his visit he chartered not one but
>two lodges in one single day in two parts of the city. These lodges were
>not in any way or form put under *probation* neither by Olcott nor by
>HPB, nor my the Real Founders.

You seem to be implying that having no control over lodges is optimal.  But
there would be no reason for the founders to found lodges if they did not
care what those lodges would study.

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