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Do you feel the solstice coming?

Dec 20, 1996 00:26 AM
by Thoa Tran

1.  I feel the same thing.  Although I live in California, it is usually
foggy, rainy and cold in the winter.  I usually wake up feeling cranky, and
my general disposition is depressed.  Although it is a time when there is
supposed to be holiday cheers, I have a hard time feeling cheerful.  Part
of it could be the general lack of sun, hence more staying indoors, and
less activity.  I miss my daily outdoor run because the sun sets much
earlier.  Running outdoors any other time of the day would disturb my daily
schedule.  I have a friend who gets the opposite reaction, and she is a
very spiritual person, much more so than me.  She gets depressed during the
high heat of the summer.  Summer makes her feel lethargic and sticky.

2.  Not down under, except under the weather.

3.  Don't have any in mind.  If I run into any literary references, I'll
let you know.

It's good to know I'm not the only one.  I won't feel so guilty about
staying in bed longer than normal.

TTT, Fellow Totally Depressed Person.

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