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Re: Do you feel the solstice coming?

Dec 20, 1996 01:07 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> > From: K. Paul Johnson <>
> >
> > Last night I was talking to my friend Martha about seasonal
> > matters, and we started to compare notes on how we feel at this
> > time of year.  I had observed, over the last eight years or so,
> > a very particular thing that happens at the solstice.  Late
> > November and early December are always my low point of the year
> > in terms of energy, enthusiasm, creativity.  Something inside
> > just sorta shrivels up, and I go into "just get through it
> > somehow" mode.  Like a mini- version of Seasonal Affective
> > Depression.  But when that shortest day comes and goes, there's
> > a tremendous turnabout within.  Something awakens, and from
> > late December through the spring equinox I'm in an intense,
> > almost manic creative phase.  Have written all my books that
> > way-- totally focused through the winter, ready to go out and
> > play when spring comes.  Then, through spring, summer and into
> > fall, I'm much more extraverted, wanting to be outdoors and
> > with people, less able to concentrate on literary work.  Those
> > times are good for editing, indexing, minor revisions, but not
> > real creativity of the winter kind.
> >
> > So, some questions to people on the lists I'm addressing:
> > 1.  Does this ring a bell with you?  How?
> For many years I've felt a downturn in energy during the
> last few days before the winter solstice.  Since the cusp of my
> sixth house is 1 degree Capricorn, that's when the Sun
> inconjuncts my Ascendant.  After the Sun has passed into
> the sixth house, I've always experienced a rise in energy.
> In Chicago, the real inner turning time is in January and into
> February.  That is usually the coldest time of the year.  At the
> end of January last year it got down to 25 below.  No one was
> going anywhere.  I huddled next to my computer and got a lot
> of writing done.
> > 2.  Do those of you down under have the same thing in June?
> > 3.  Any literary references that address this phenomenon come
> > to mind?
> >
> >From the Gnostic Calendar by Stephan Hoeller:
> "While the joyousnss and the mystery of Christmas can elevate people
> greatly, let the Gnostic pause to remember that the infant Christ can be
> born in the soul, there to be nutured by the person as a mother suckles
> infant, so that the Christ consciousness may grow into its full stature
> the life of mankind."
> This reminded me of Liesel's post where she spoke of raising her
> Perhaps we all become
> mothers in our endeavour to nurture and expand the Light.
> -Ann E. Bermingham

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