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Re: To Mark and Tom - everybody, actually

Dec 20, 1996 01:13 AM
by Bee Brown

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996 14:30:13 -0500 (EST), you wrote:

>I just want to acknowledge the questions and thoughts you directed to me a
>few days ago and let you know that I won't have time to respond as I would
>have liked. I've hit a time bind, with a need to work long hours etc, plus
>the more usual Christmas carry-on.
>Thanks to all. I'll keep reading theos-l as it comes in, except for 3rd to
>8th of January when I'll be away at the NZ TS's annual convention.
Bee here, Murray.
We will have my computer set up for the Convention at the Lodge and I
hope that Theos-l will be kind enough to respond to any of the members
trying out the e-mail discussion list. I would like to increase
awareness of Theosophy on the Internet and there is a workshop on this
on Monday morning.
If anyone on this list will be around on 5th to 7th Jan, would you
please tune in and see if we have been trying to chat to someone. From
the USA side, we will be chatting during your night time so hopefully
others will not be on that time line.
Murray will be able to have a quick read if he has time from all the
other activities.

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