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Re: Karma and the cosmos

Dec 19, 1996 05:50 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Thoa Tran <>
> As far as symbology, what could the letter "M" possibly mean?  That I
> to eat M&Ms?  I hope it doesn't mean masochist. ...<snip>

> Presently, I'm surrounded by Tauruses.  Being a restless Leo, that's
> settled me down quite a bit.  I used to strive for some far off concept,
> but now I'm more of a homey type.  The bad part of that is that sometimes
> feel like running off and joining the Peace Corp.

Taurus is very down-to-earth.  Perhaps someone that knew numerology
would be able to come up with some info about the letter "M" and its
> I was looking through the Philosophy section of a bookstore today, and
> skimmed through a book on reasoning.  The author was trying to debunk
> of the astrological concepts.  He said that our calendar is based on
> ancient time, and that the planets and their alignments have changed
> a bit since that time.  That means that we are supposed to deduct 11 days
> from each astrological sign to get our true sign. . .

That issue's been discussed for some time now.  All I can say is that
my own work in astrology has never failed me in being able to see
patterns in my life.  I do my own with a computer program.

I had a certain amount skepticism about astrology, too.  Then I had
a reading with one of the most well-known astrologers in Chicago.
He started to tell me my past and childhood and what it was like,
without ever having talked to me before.  I was hooked.

Forget the stuff in the newspaper or magazines.  The only accurate
astrological advice you can get is by going to a known professional
astrologer or doing it yourself, which can take years of study.  Esoteric
astrology is even deeper and more complicated.

Hope this helps,

-Ann E. Bermingham

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