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Re: to Tom Robertson

Dec 19, 1996 05:36 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Tom Robertson <>
> Would you say that it is sexist discrimination that no women play in the
> National Football League and that no men have babies?  Would you rather
> your country be defended by a predominantly female army?  Do you think
> society would be no worse if men took women's place as the predominant
> raiser of children?

The strange thing is, all these things are on their way to becoming
Women are serving in the armed forces and men are staying home to spend
more time caring for their children while their wives work.  Obviously,
women are working for bosses that are more concerned with their performance
as workers.  Is it possible that you live in an area that does not get wide
coverage of the news that that you are not aware of such

As for men having babies, who knows what science will come up with.  Gay
male couples adopt children.
> Men need to stand up to women like you who are determined to see sexism
> where it doesn't exist, just because some men are sexist.

I have seen many comments like this in your posts.  Every argument isn't
by you, but turned around into something else.  Obviously you are skilled
defending your opinions, to the point that you are blind to whether they
any truth or logic in them.  Actually, I find their twisting and turning to
be very
illogical.  I do not believe that you are interested in honest discussion,
only in
defending your personal superiority, regardless of your sex.  Then, of
there is the possibility that you are a clever troll, here to stir up as
controversary and flames as possible, then turning around and complaining
while you laugh at us behind our backs.

Some of us are getting tired of the game.  Our finger is poised on the
key every time we see your name next to a post.


-Ann E. Bermingham

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