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Re: to Tom Robertson

Dec 18, 1996 11:16 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 12:57 AM 12/19/96 +0000, "Ann E. Bermingham" <> wrote:
>> From: April Joy <>
>> These are just a few of the problems that women face every day due to a
>> belief that women are inferior so it doesn't matter how you treat them.

If women have it so much worse than men do, why do they live longer?  Or is
it sexist to believe that the expected longevity of men and women is different?

>After reading this post, I have come to conclusion that if we meet Tom or
>anyone like him in cyberspace, we should rhetorically shoot and aim with
>the best posts we can write.  These type of weak and low-esteem characters
who use >women, or any one else, to bolster their suffering egos, are
holding back the rest of >humanity.

I agree.  The type of attitudes described in April Joy's post should be
opposed as being anti-brotherhood and untheosophical.

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