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Re: to Tom Robertson

Dec 18, 1996 10:26 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 08:13 PM 12/18/96 +0000, April Joy <> wrote:

>Why would I need to give 23 criticisms of women, when I was answering
>your criticisms of them to begin with? You called women irrational, then
>I gave examples of irrational acts by men.  Which upsets you the most,
>that someone dared to answer your criticisms with criticisms or that a
>woman answered you in a logical manner?

I see no evidence of my being upset about anything.  All I did was ask a
question which reflected my opinion about you as being sexist, which you
confirmed.  I do not see how it is logical of you to imply that you believe
that men and women are equal, and then criticize men far more than you
criticize women, and then say that I, who have criticized and praised them
roughly equally, am sexist.

>Sexism/Sexist = prejudice or discrimination based on sex.

Objectivity = the ability to not let emotion interfere with a clear
recognition of facts.

>To believe that men are superior to women means you do not believe they
>are equal. Which means you do not believe in equality of the sexs, which
>is sexist.

Your premises are so obviously wrong that you could not have arrived at them

>Women are neither superior or inferior to men. We are equal. We are both
>capable of doing the same jobs.

Would you say that it is sexist discrimination that no women play in the
National Football League and that no men have babies?  Would you rather have
your country be defended by a predominantly female army?  Do you think
society would be no worse if men took women's place as the predominant
raiser of children?

>Just three years ago I lost a job because a man thought the way you do.

He probably thought just the way you think I think, which was unfair of him.

>I lost another job because I had a baby and the boss thought it would
>interfer with my work.

Why do you believe he was wrong?

>These are just a few of the problems that women face every day due to a
>belief that women are inferior so it doesn't matter how you treat them.

The number of your criticisms of men have approximately doubled, and you
still have yet to criticize women.  Are you still saying that you consider
men to be women's equals?

>Women need to stand up to people like you Tom who are deteremined to
>keep those stereotypes alive.

Men need to stand up to women like you who are determined to see sexism
where it doesn't exist, just because some men are sexist.

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