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Re: to Tom Robertson

Dec 19, 1996 08:02 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, Ann E. Bermingham wrote:

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> > From: m.k. ramadoss <>
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> > It is my hope that one of these days men wisen up and treat
> > women in a kinder and gentler and responsible manner. Only then men can
> > stand up with their heads high and a clear conscience. This is not to say
> > that there are no men around who live up to very high standards when
> > dealing with women.
> >
> My hat is off to you, Doss.
> -Ann E. Bermingham

Ann: Thanks for your msg. If a little bit of T/theosophy is put into
action by the masses, the world would be a better world. That is the
ideal, as I understand it, that the Real Founders were gunning for when
They launched TS and Theosophy. So glad am I that I am exposed to T/t
that I am learning everyday. With support and encouragement of many here,
those who are vocal and those lurking, I am emboldened to do my little bit.

Beating my own drums (which I normally don't like - I like others beating
my drums - it makes life easier):

I had this wonderful opportunity to help the indigent, homeless, poor and
uninsured who use our local County Hospital Resources.

We have a walk-in clinic which is operational 365 days of the year and 12
hours a/day. Recently, the Board which runs the Hospital wanted to shut
it down and ration access by forcing them to use a telephone call in
appointment system.

The proposal was not given much publicity and was hidden in the budget in
a single line. Fortunately a friend of mine casually told me a couple of
days before the budget was due for approval - rubber stamp - by the
County Commissioners.

I thought this is an issue that affects the needy and poor and none of
them is capable of speaking up and communicating with the powers. I
appeared before the county commissioners and highlighted the problem and
I was the only one who spoke on this issue. As a result, the budget was
put on hold and a public hearing was setup. With one days notice 150
people turned out and there were angry feedback. When the issue came back
to the county commissioners, in spite of the feedback, the Board of the
Hospital refused to make any changes -- as they knew there was majority
support in the County Commissioners -- and the budget was passed. The
vote was on party lines - three Republicans (representing the affluent
section of the city) voted for it and two Democrats (representing the
poorer segment of the city and from which most of the patients walk-in)
opposed to it. The result is that the walk-in will be shut down on
3/31/97. While the issue was lost, something was gained. The issue
was brought to attention of the public and we hope it would become a
politically sensitive issue in the near future as the shut down runs into

Here again, the *Right* won the day and *Left* lost the day.

Thought I should share this exciting 10 day venture.

(Have been too busy dealing with the above on the physical plane and did not
have time to travel in astral, mental, monadic, atmic,logosic planes etc.!!!)

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