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Re: to Tom Robertson

Dec 19, 1996 03:28 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 10:33 PM 12/19/96 +0000, "Ann E. Bermingham" <> wrote:

>> From: Tom Robertson <>

>> Men need to stand up to women like you who are determined to see sexism
>> where it doesn't exist, just because some men are sexist.

>I have seen many comments like this in your posts.  Every argument isn't
>heard by you, but turned around into something else.  Obviously you are skilled
>at defending your opinions, to the point that you are blind to whether they
>have any truth or logic in them.  Actually, I find their twisting and
turning to
>be very illogical.


>Some of us are getting tired of the game.  Our finger is poised on the
>delete key every time we see your name next to a post.

April Joy and I have both explicitly claimed to believe that men and women
are inherently equal overall.  I have mentioned 5 or 6 ways in which I
consider men to be actually superior to women, and 4 or 5 ways in which I
consider women to be actually superior to men.  April Joy has mentioned 30
or 40 ways in which she considers women to be actually superior to men, and
no ways in which she considers men to be actually superior to women.  These
are facts which anyone can look up simply by reading our articles of the
last 2 weeks, no matter how much you claim that I have been "illogical" in
"twisting" the words of others.  For you to consider me sexist, and her not,
tells me you have not been reading them in the first place, and that it is
far more likely that you are sexist than that I am.

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