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Karma and the cosmos

Dec 19, 1996 02:25 AM
by Thoa Tran

>I would suggest that perhaps there is some type of symbology going on
>in the outer world that reflects what is happening in one's inner world.
>Ray Grasse once had a lecture at Olcott where he talked about a friend
>who suddenly was finding dead birds wherever he went.

>I've personally experienced being surrounded by a people with a
>particular sun sign at different times in my life.  Right now, I seem to
>know a lot of Geminis, whereas in college I was hanging out with a
>lot of Capricorns.  I hypothesize that I need that particular energy at
>that particular time and attract these people to me.

>Perhaps the letter "M" has some vibrational quality and significance
>that appeals to you.

>-Ann E. Bermingham

As far as symbology, what could the letter "M" possibly mean?  That I like
to eat M&Ms?  I hope it doesn't mean masochist.  As far as vibrational
quality, it will have to be that I emit vibrations that attract people with
the letter "M".  For every single one of them, they were the ones
initiating conversations with me.  Also, those people were all huge
influences in the direction of my life, starting with the only non-proper
name "Mom."  After that, it was two sisters, M and M, who inspired me to
further my education beyond high school and showed me the means to do it;
M, my first boyfriend, who taught me a big lesson on never tolerating
other's drug habits and on being discerning regarding who I hang out with
(though I may sometimes sound harsh in my writing, I'm actually a pussycat
who accepts practically everybody and their idiosyncracies.); M, my second
boyfriend who encouraged me to change from studying engineering to art, my
true interest; M, my next best friend, who introduced me to New Age
concepts and the beauty of womanhood and aging (she is over 20 years older
than me); and finally Mark, who introduced me to theosophical concepts,
graphics, and poetry.  I'd say that's a lot of M's.

Presently, I'm surrounded by Tauruses.  Being a restless Leo, that's
settled me down quite a bit.  I used to strive for some far off concept,
but now I'm more of a homey type.  The bad part of that is that sometimes I
feel like running off and joining the Peace Corp.

I was looking through the Philosophy section of a bookstore today, and
skimmed through a book on reasoning.  The author was trying to debunk some
of the astrological concepts.  He said that our calendar is based on
ancient time, and that the planets and their alignments have changed quite
a bit since that time.  That means that we are supposed to deduct 11 days
from each astrological sign to get our true sign.  That wouldn't affect me,
since I can gain or lose 11 days and still be a Leo.  For all the sayings
that astrologists look accurate because they were being very general, I
feel that there definitely is something to astrology.  I'm not sure about
studying day to day astrology advise, but as far as personality
characteristics, I definitely am very Leo.  If I did not see any of the
sign headings, I could still pick out the section that describes my

The author claims that astrologists still use the concept of the sun and
the moon revolving around us.  He also gave examples of how little planets'
magnetisms affect us by stating that a person standing next to you emits
more magnetism than the planets.  From what I gather, theosophical concept
of the cosmos is pretty much in tune with present scientific point of view.
The concept of the twelve fohatic magnetisms, I think, is quite different
than the magnetism the author had in mind, as much as there is more to the
planets than just matter and space.  I wonder whether you could shed some
light on this.  I am presently trying to comprehend the very complex
theosophical concept of the cosmos.

TTT S=o)

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