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Off and on

Dec 17, 1996 05:47 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

In a reply to Tim Maroney, JHE describes me as announcing every
few months that I'm leaving the list, and then signing back
on.  This is characteristically distorted in an unflattering
direction.  The last time I signed off theos-l, it was specifically to
concentrate on writing my Cayce ms.; that was about a year ago
and I returned in the spring when the first draft was done.  The time before
that was about a year before, to work on Initiates; the time
before that, TMR required all my attention.  That makes three
times off and on the list since first signing on three years
ago.  (There may have been other brief signoffs for vacations,
etc. but only these long absences.)  Each time I made it clear that I was
doing so to concentrate on work.  Now it's time to do so again; as of next
Monday I will sign off to concentrate on the final revision of Edgar
Cayce in Context, and not return until the ms. is in production, maybe April.

As for theos-roots, I unsubscribed to it about three years ago
and haven't been back since except for a day or two here and
there when someone told me there was something to see.  It has
been three years now since Daniel Caldwell started attacking/
interrogating me on theos-l, and people got disgusted with the
back-and-forth as I responded with defenses, each of which
generated ten new objections from Hydra/Daniel.  Someone suggested
"Take it to theos-roots."  Daniel went there with his attacks,
and I did not follow him with my defenses-- so don't know what has been said
about me there since.

JHE comments, in a post I will answer in full on theos-roots,
that there is nothing out of the ordinary about Caldwell's
attacks on my work, or Algeo's; the only thing blameworthy is
my being offended and responding rather than ignoring it.
This from the same man who previously blamed me for *not* replying to Caldwell
on the list indefinitely, as long as he felt like continuing to attack.
With some people, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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