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Re: Karma

Dec 17, 1996 05:38 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: Mark Kusek <>
> 3) Is there good and bad karma, or just karma?
> I don't know whether there is good or bad karma.  However, it seems to
> me that you can take actions or inactions that will either slow or speed
> up your development, or may degrade some of your developments.  As far
> as my personal life, all my best friends and lovers have their first
> name begin with the letter "M".  I didn't think I choose it.  Shirley
> MacLaine said that whereever she travels, there is always construction
> happening in front of her hotel room.  What do you make of that?
I would suggest that perhaps there is some type of symbology going on
in the outer world that reflects what is happening in one's inner world.
Ray Grasse once had a lecture at Olcott where he talked about a friend
who suddenly was finding dead birds wherever he went.

I've personally experienced being surrounded by a people with a
particular sun sign at different times in my life.  Right now, I seem to
know a lot of Geminis, whereas in college I was hanging out with a
lot of Capricorns.  I hypothesize that I need that particular energy at
that particular time and attract these people to me.

Perhaps the letter "M" has some vibrational quality and significance
that appeals to you.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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