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Dec 16, 1996 08:07 PM
by Mika Perala

> I have already tangled with Alexis in a newsgroup, and for much more
> innocuous statements than I have made on this list, which he did not begin
> to understand, he was far more insulting to me than anyone has been here,
> calling me, among many other gems, "a blithering idiot."
> When I respond to personal attacks, it is based on the optimism that my
> response has a reasonable chance of playing a positive role in cleaning up
> the mess.  But with Alexis, I am already mostly convinced that he is beyond
> my power to do much about.
> It does not surprise me to learn that he has been involved on this list
> before.  I can still see his spirit around.  It also does not surprise me to
> hear that his politics is of the far left.  Those who believe in extreme
> egalitarianism are notorious for how they regard those who dare to make
> comparisons as inferior.

I have been e-mailing with Alexis for some time now and though he has
very strick opinions I get along with him very well. Actually he
encourages me and even praises my music!

Would you all believe that?!!


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