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house of cards

Dec 16, 1996 05:42 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>I am curious as to why you took a message from Theos-Roots and
>reposted it on Theos-L? Theos-Roots is where most of the
>discussion is taking place, and it seems much more appropriate
>there. I am also curious as to why Paul is not apparently on
>Theos-Roots, since he didn't see my message.
>Tim Maroney

Carelessness on my part.  Also, I'm using a very ancient
communications software that was already obsolete when I began
using it ten years ago.  Therefore all of the messages look
pretty much the same regardless of their origin, and I don't have
any sorting options.  Usually I take the time to figure out
whether the message came from "roots" or "news" etc. and post a
reply accordingly, but lately I have been too busy to even
attempt to read 90% of the messages that have come through--let
alone figure their origins.  However, thanks for informing me,
and I will be happy to post any further discussion on "roots."
Also--I stand corrected on the spelling of your name.  Sorry.

As for Paul, every few months he announces that he is signing off
of theos-xxxx and then later signs back on.  So, I have learned
not to assume that he gets all of the messages that might concern
him.  Probably it would be best to cc to his address if you
specifically want him to see a post.:

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