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Re: Crimes of the Left

Dec 17, 1996 07:04 AM
by JRC

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, John Straughn wrote:

> >On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Tom Robertson wrote:
> >> what the "tee hee" behind my back is all about.  What amazes me is that
> >>most Theosophists whom I know personally also lean left.  I would think
> >>that a philosophy which so heavily emphasizes individual growth and
> >>independence from authority would attract more righties than lefties.
	The personal *aspect* of Theosophy emphasizes this ... but that
aspect seems (IMO) secondary to the philosophy of altruism and selfless
service that is what really differentiates it from a lot of the new age.
	*Righties*? A society begun by a woman who blasted Christianity, a
Buddhist ... will all assortment of liberal thinkers including a radical
feminist who was also an animal rights activist - that holds a viewpoint
universal in scope and global in its objects? Gee, that sure sounds like
Pat Buchannan's platform to me.

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