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The friendship thing

Dec 08, 1996 08:13 PM
by kymsmith

Richard writes:

>Don't we want Tom as a friend?

I was going to leave this alone; but as usual found I could not. . .so here
we go.

Richard, if a man came up to you, announced your [wife, daughter,
girlfriend, Mother] was 'inferior' to them, would you want them as your friend?

If the question is being asked in the larger sense, I can only ask you to
once again notice how many people are leaving the TS.  What are the reasons
they stated - is not one of them this very issue?  The Theosophical Society
will soon be the exclusive club it really wants to be.  Tom has already
stated that he's glad the TS doesn't listen to people who do not think as he
does - at least Tom has found happiness there.

Tom's attitude makes not only women look bad, but makes men look bad.
Fortunately, there are men on this list who let neither notion escape them. . .

I realize everyone is welcome in T/theosophy, as it absolutely should be,
but it does not mean we have to accept 'intentional' harm others desire to
cause. It is not those who fight for the equality of humanity who are the
"unfriendly" ones, Richard, it is those who fight for INEQUALITY who are.
Tom has made it clear whom he desires to befriend. . .but let it never be
said that, in the beginning, I (and others) weren't willing to accept him as

I value Tom as a human being, we are of the same beginning and end, we are
formed of the same matter, and are impartially loved by the same Source.

Be his friend, Richard, I hope your relationship is long and good-natured.
However, it doesn't take a mallet's wallop upside this subaltern's head for
the realization to dawn that women need not apply to the "friendship
festival" of which you speak.

pax vobiscum,


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