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Re: THEOS-L digest 751

Dec 08, 1996 06:39 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 10:05:54 +0000
> From: Tom Robertson <>
> Subject: Intuition vs. Emotion
> Is it some kind of grudge you have against the Theosophical Society that
> makes you so snotty, rude, insulting, and intolerant towards one of its
> members, or is this your way of trying to "establish a nucleus of the
> universal brotherhood of humanity?"  I have done nothing to deserve it.
> Maybe being involved in the Seattle Lodge of the TS has spoiled me,
> in the 3 years that I have been active in it, no one has ever been so
> disrepectful towards me.  They have encouraged me to say what I have to
> regardless of whether or not they agree with me, and have not insulted me
> for doing so.

Jerry Schueler once told me that one needs a really thick skin to survive
being on this mailing list.  For those who subscribe and make provocative
remarks that are
in oppositon to the opinions of the majority of this list, I would suggest
purchase of several asbestos suits.  And don't forget the hood and face

-Ann E. Bermingham

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