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Dec 08, 1996 07:38 PM
by Tom Robertson

"Dr. A.M.Bain" <> wrote:

>In message <>,

>>Don't we want Tom as a friend?

>As far as I personally am concerned, not while he demeans and insults
>the intelligence of women on and off the lists, the defence of which
>type of thinking produced one of the most underhand and vicious behind-
>the-scenes hate campaigns I have ever experienced at the hands of
>"theosophists".  My crime?  supporting gender-incusive language and
>genuine equality between the sexes by my support for Theosophy
>International, which was described as a "Rival organisation."



Translation:  Since I regard Tom to have a different estimate of the general
level of intelligence of a certain group of people than I have and since
some people who share what I perceive to be Tom's estimate have been
vicious, underhanded, and hateful, I therefore conclude that Tom must also
be vicious, underhanded, and hateful, and, since the organization to which
he belongs has referred to the organization to which I belong as a "Rival
organisation," I, in the spirit of brotherhood and since I have no
intelligent response to what Tom has said, regard him as no friend of mine,
disregarding the fact that, in personally attacking him, I am guilty of the
same prejudice and hate of which I accuse him, never for a moment
considering the possibility that I might have misunderstood him and never
bothering to find out before I distort the meaning of what he has written to
be "demeaning and insulting."  My crime?  How could avoiding the making of
distinctions, as the 2nd object says, by never making comparisons between
any two individuals and between any two groups of individuals, be a crime?
After all, aren't all differences between people mere illusions?  It is
those who do not realize that brotherhood depends on seeing the Theosophical
truth that all people, and all groups of people, are identical that we must
most vigorously reject.

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