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Re: The friendship thing

Dec 09, 1996 10:48 AM
by Tom Robertson

At 04:31 AM 12/9/96 +0000, Kym wrote:

>Richard, if a man came up to you, announced your [wife, daughter,
>girlfriend, Mother] was 'inferior' to them, would you want them as your friend?

Kym, if you said that you thought men and women were equal overall, but that
men were superior in X ways and that women were superior in Y ways, and
someone else insisted, as well as publicly expressed the opinion, that you
thought that men were inferior, would you want that individual as a friend?

>Tom has already
>stated that he's glad the TS doesn't listen to people who do not think as he
>does - at least Tom has found happiness there.

If anyone deliberately and maliciously distorts the meaning of what others
say, as you have of what I have said, I hope the TS does not listen to them.

>It is not those who fight for the equality of humanity who are the
>"unfriendly" ones, Richard, it is those who fight for INEQUALITY who are.

Since I have said that I thought men and women are basically equal, and you
have so strenuously rejected what I have said, I conclude that you are
fighting for inequality.

>Tom has made it clear whom he desires to befriend. . .but let it never be
>said that, in the beginning, I (and others) weren't willing to accept him as

You were not willing to accept me as such.  You prefer falsely
characterizing what I have said.

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