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Re: Loving Kindness/Wise Compassion

Dec 09, 1996 10:48 AM
by Tom Robertson

At 12:27 PM 12/9/96 +0000, Art House <> wrote:
>You Wrote:
>>I believe there are 7 planes of spirit-matter that are relevant to
>>human beings.  From the top down, they are:
>>7) divine
>>6) monadic
>>5) spiritual
>>4) intuitional
>>3) mental
>>2) emotional
>>1) physical

>If we are going to discuss anything relating to gender, or try to assess
>the relative values of Nature's male and female characteristics as they
>appear in human personality traits, I would ask that we keep this
>top-down view and acknowledge the "reality" of our identity to be the
>sexless, birthless, deathless, eternal.

Keeping the "top-down" view does not require blindness to differences in the
lower planes.

>>The higher that something is in terms of these planes, the greater
>>value and significance it has, and the more real it is.  The thought of a
building is >>more real than a physical building, for example.

>I would caution against using this justification to assume carte blanche
>male personal superiority.

Whom do you feel the need to caution?  If you have intended to caution me
against this assumption, then you have probably bought in to Alan's and/or
Kym's deliberate mischaracterizations of what I have written, since I have
explicitly written, on this mailing list, that I consider men and women to
be equal, but different.

>I hope you've studied enough to understand what I'm trying to say. If
>you cling to the view that Yang is better than Yin, you'll just get
>stuck there and miss the realization of Tao, nevermind the experience of
>knowing that even the Tao dissappears.

If you are referring to me, then you, also, unless you have not read, or
have not understood, my explicit statements to the contrary, are
deliberately mischaracterizing what I have written.

>Lastly, lets try not to get too ossified in the distinctions of the
>planes. We are also strongly cautioned against that, and are reminded in
>the very first principle of the Secret Doctrine that all of these
>separations are maya. There is but one substance-principle. THAT is real
>identity. Thou art THAT! The boys are THAT, The girls are THAT.

Why have the words "boys" and "girls" if that to which they are referring is
identical, as many in this list believe?

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